Clients who are seeking perfection and excellence in their projects, rightfully find it essential to seek a second opinion on their proposed designs. Hence, they engage an independent third party to conduct a peer review on their project and often come up with more options or proposals to pursue. Peer reviews give more confidence to the project owners with their preliminary design and often save considerable time and money for them.

Sometimes contractors, builders and project owners also have inhouse design & documentation capabilities which give them the ability of accomplishing their own designs. They thereafter get independent engineers to conduct design reviews and certification for their designs. This option would give them more opportunities to apply their own thoughts in their projects and save time & money in the design stage.

ARAX Consulting offers third party certification, peer review & design review services to their clients. We review the designs in a professional, fair and collaborative manner. We communicate with and consider all project stakeholders to put forward our probable alternative solutions before proceeding to full certification. We carry out peer reviews in a solid frame of professionalism, integrity and independence.