Why Arax?


ARAX Consulting is founded on our core values. We are a passionate group of highly recognised engineers who can see out of the box. Our clients hold us in high regard, as our different approach brings value to their projects.

Our mission is to investigate and apply the most efficient, feasible and innovative solutions to our client needs. Engaging highly qualified technical staff to our firm and assigning the appropriate people to the relevant projects paves the way for us to achieve this mission.

Quality is our key word. We have a highly proficient quality assurance procedure in place which conducts multiple internal and external peer reviews. Our aim is to make sure that we deliver safe, time & cost-effective solutions to our clients.

We believe that our clients not only come to us for project documentation and certificates. They come to us because we give them innovative solutions.

Our key staff are located in Western Australia, Victoria and New South Wales. This gives us flexibility to attend face to face interactions with our clients and carry out site visits when required. In addition, our Perth based engineers are qualified pilots. We are able to service remote locations of Western Australia to conduct site visits, attend meetings and to save time and money for our clients.




COMPETENCE is defined as ‘the ability to do something successfully and efficiently’. COMPETENCE is result of knowledge, intelligence and experience. Our experts at ARAX Consulting are committed to evolving professional development and applying the best of their expertise when offering valuable solutions to our clients. We make sure that we assign the projects to the most qualified engineers as project leaders.

Our leaders have obtained their badge of COMPETENCE from institution of Engineers Australia. Our Engineers are proudly nationally registered Chartered Professional Engineers. This means that they hold the highest level of COMPETENCY and experience to the highest industry standards.



INNOVATION, creativity and critical thinking are considered as fundamental qualities of solution focused professionals in construction industry.  Our experienced engineers combine their competence, ingenuity and critical thinking alongside their international experiences to propose the most INNOVATIVE solutions to our clients requirements.

With our solution focused approach, we offer added value to our clients assets and projects by our outstanding consultancy services. 

We strongly believe that good problem solvers also tend to have solid communication skills. Communication with our clients is meticulous to enable us to have a clear understanding of their problems and needs. We also do our best to liaise with our clients in clear terms of what we are suggesting about a problem and our INNOVATIVE approach.


ARAX Consulting is dedicated to the highest quality of consultant engineering services delivered with creativity, ingenuity and innovation.



We combine our competence, innovative approach and versatile experience at ARAX Consulting to offer innovative & value-added solutions to our clients.


Our Procedure

How We Operate?