Our talented structural & civil engineers at ARAX Consulting combine their versatile knowledge and years of experience together to put forward practical solutions to the construction industry. They often receive site visit requests to observe the construction issues to gain a better understanding of the requirements. They give onsite instructions or advise an alternative design to assist their clients with the most cost & time efficient solutions.

Our structural engineers also carry out forensic inspections to investigate the structural deficiencies or failures and come up with remedial solutions to either stop or resolve the failures such as cracks, openings malfunctions or excessive footings settlements.

ARAX Consulting is proud to offer our clients with construction compliance inspections, reports and certifications. 



We deliver construction phase inspections service including and not limited to carrying out site visits, compliance reports and whole construction compliance certificates. We also attend construction sites to inspect and resolve construction issues.


Our highly experienced engineers inspect the reported failures. They then collect enough evidence to investigate the cause of the failure and prepare a report to explain the failure and the causes. We also recommend the best available remedial solutions.