What makes us fly?


Australia is an extensive country. Projects, businesses and industries are widely spread throughout the continent including mining, agriculture, construction and manufacturing. With often wide distances within Australia, some services like engineering become unavailable or costly for local clients due to lack of local experts.

In order to deliver more affordable engineering services including site visits and meetings, our client-focused team based in Perth combine their highly recognised engineering skills with a passion for aviation to undercut the travel time and cost to remote sites of Western Australia. This enables us to offer more affordable services to our remote clients with faster availability.

Our aviator engineers proudly name themselves "Flying Engineers" as they hold current Private Pilot Licenses with the required endorsements and ratings. This allows them to fly to remote sites of Western Australia as the pilots - in command.

Please feel free to contact us if you need a qualified engineer on site, at any location within Western Australia, for a free competitive quote and more information.